From the majestic glacier casting a reflection off the stunningly clear waters of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada to the waddling penguins bringing formal attire to the vast Antarctic Landscape, the photographs of Daryl Hawk represent the freedom, the splendor and the power of nature in so many forms. “I like to be as free as the wind when I travel and take it slow so I can really immerse myself in the landscape,” says Hawk, whose worldwide destinations aptly describe his weekly television show on Cablevision in Connecticut, called “The Unconventional Traveler.”

Over the last two decades, Hawk, who resides with his family in Wilton, Connecticut, has journeyed to the far reaches of the earth as a documentary photographer and an explorer. “I travel light,” explains Hawk, who packs clothes into a backpack and takes along a daypack that never leaves his side. “The daypack is for my cameras, Nikon Manual SLRs, plus film, sometimes as many as 200 rolls. I also keep my maps and anything else that I cannot be apart from in the daypack. I can’t take the chance that it could be stolen or misplaced so the daypack never leaves my side from the moment I leave until the moment I leave until the moment I return home,” says Hawk.

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