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For the past 35 years, explorer and international documentary photographer, Daryl Hawk, has traveled the world telling stories with his camera. He spends weeks at a time documenting and immersing himself into different cultures and landscapes. With a visually and interpretive style, Hawk tries to capture the heart and soul of the country with his photographs, depicting the characteristics of the landscapes, as well as the timeless moments and passions of the people.

“As a world documentary photographer, Daryl has encountered countless environments and cultural situations that have drawn on his broad range of experiences, but also on his technical and visual knowledge needed to maximize photography. His sensitivity to “light” and the best times of the day to capture a subject, makes him a valuable asset to anyone who wants to capture their visual experiences!

Daryl Hawk is the “Photographer Guide” that will provide give you meaningful, eye-opening experiences!”

David Pressier

Hawk is also a professional lecturer, travel writer and workshop instructor whose articles and photographs often appear in magazines and newspapers worldwide.  He has also been featured several times on NBC’s Today Show and Fox 5 Television.  He is a member of the Explorers Club, founded in New York City and whose mission is promoting the exploration of land, sea, air, and space.  He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and member of the Professional Photographers Association and the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists.

Hawk is the former host and producer of the cablevision television show “The Unconventional Traveler” which featured some of the world’s leading explorers, adventurers and filmmakers sharing their work from various expeditions and documentaries.  He produced over 100 shows over a ten year period with such notable explorers as Buzz Aldrin, Jane Goodall, Reinhold Messner and George Schaller.

Additionally, he has also published six hardcover photography books.  The first, “Distant Journeys,” consists of 386 color images from around the world.  His second book entitled “Quiet Moments” is a compilation of 120 black and white images of nature, nautical scenes, New York City, New England, and miscellaneous travel images. His third book, “White Pond” is a tribute to a small lake in southern New Hampshire.  “Manhattan” is a color retrospective with 250 landscapes, buildings, and street scenes of New York City. His books “Into the Heart of Cuba.” consist of two volumes and 500 pages based on his eight journeys around Cuba between 2016 – 2023. His latest book “Mountains Beyond Mountains” consists of 125 landscape photographs from New Hampshire and Vermont.

In April 2016, a long time dream came true for me. I was able to travel to Cuba alone and shoot an in-depth documentary in my usual “unconventional traveler” style. I have always been extremely fascinated about Cuba. It was always the forbidden land with a history filled with revolution. What I did not expect was to fall in love with people so much that I would return to this magical island eight more times over the past seven years. Their hearts and souls captivated and inspired me and now my goal was to do the most in-depth photo documentary ever done on Cuba. Cuba’s diverse coastline, fertile lowland plains rich in sugarcane, renowned tobacco plantations, caves and the forgotten small towns and villages were included in the documentary.

Never in all of my travels have I ever experienced such a perfect combination of beautiful light, color and perfect chemistry with the native people. I can honestly say that now that I have truly discovered Cuba, that it was my destiny to be part of this magical country as both a photographer and tour guide.

Daryl Hawk


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