Helicoptering over the dramatic Southern Alp mountain range at sunrise. Traversing a glacier filled with mighty cascades of ice tumbling down a valley toward the sea. Tramping on the world’s best nature trails. Driving past stunning and magical scenery that constantly changes at every turn. Hanging out in pubs with the world’s friendliest people–the Kiwis. New Zealand is a photographer’s paradise and every day of my journey was filled with adventures and memorable experiences.

I recently visited the South Island of New Zealand for two weeks for what turned out to be the ultimate road trip. It was always a dream of mine to fly to the other side of the world to immerse myself in a culture and landscapes that seemed so appealing. New Zealand is ideal for nature lovers with its diverse landscapes, all relatively close to one another. It is considered the adventure capital of the world for outdoor recreational activities. With the most extraordinary and beautiful hiking trails, I was able to have a lot of walks in the bush and experience real wilderness and solitude. The main goal was to shoot an in-depth photo documentary of the various landscapes that define this island. My greatest passion in photography is to tell stories about remote and faraway places.

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