“Antarctica, the great white continent, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. A place where time has no meaning. The next closest thing to setting foot on another planet. Vast and mysterious, with some of the cruelest conditions on earth. This is truly an adventurer’s paradise!

I was lured by the challenge and beauty of earth’s last true wilderness, and inspired by heroic age of polar explorers like Shackleton, Amundsen and Scott. Gigantic iceburgs and ice shelves, an abundance of wildlife, and the enormous emptiness of the polar plateau boggle the mind.

As a documentary photographer, my main objectice is to tell a story about what a given place looks like. I gravitate towards the most remote and least discovered places on earth. I want people to understand and experience these places I vist through my photography.

In Antarctica, I was primarily concentrating on the landscapes and wildlife. of the 100-plus trips I have taken to other states and countries, this would be the first where people photography would not be a consideration.

I also wanted Antarctica all to myself and to experience the environment with as few people as possible. Therefore i chose an expedition that guaranteed we would be the first boat of the season to the continent.

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