The brilliant, ever-elusive emerald green and red quetzal. Mist enshrouded cloud forests that evoke a mysterious and eerie beauty. The melodic song of the bellbird. Howler monkeys calling to each other in their distinctive, bellowing way. These are just some of the images that describe the lovely Central American country of Costa Rica.

For over 25 years I have explored the back roads of the world, seeking out some of the more remote locations on our planet to photograph. Now I knew it was time to finally take my family on an adventurous trip and share this amazing world of exotic landscapes and powerful nature with my two sons. I wanted a place that would excite us but was safe and manageable and I knew that Costa Rica would fit the bill perfectly.

A nature lover’s paradise, Costa Rica is a peaceful world filled with birds, wildlife, and marvelous people. I was excited to photograph on film what I would be seeing and experiencing with my old, reliable Nikon manual SLR. The mechanics have become so second nature that I can really focus my vision on seeing things in new ways. The camera has always been an extension of both my mind and heart.

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