UNCONVENTIONAL TRAVELERS is a personalized photography tour company that focuses on inspiring travelers to see Cuba in a new way by experiencing first hand other their culture and lifestyle. We believe that some of the best adventures occur when you are far away from familiar things. Renowned photographer Daryl Hawk will be with you every step of the way showing you his style and techniques to help you get better travel photographs that capture the true essence of Cuba. He has traveled to six continents but has solely focused on Cuba for the last eight years. 


We specialize in small sized tours that will lead you on a magical journey to excite and transform you. These stimulating photographic explorations inspire and connect travelers with Cuba’s most beautiful places. Our groups absorb the authentic culture of Cuba, immersing the traveler in the local landscapes and capturing its essence through photography while celebrating memorable moments. All levels of photographers are encouraged to expand their perspectives and cultural awareness – all you need is a camera or smartphones and an adventurous spirit.

We travel with a purpose where curiosity is always in motion.